The Boab Tree

Every Boab tree of Australia has it’s own unique identity.   To the Australian Aborigines, the Boab trees were landmarks, guide posts, food, shelter and medicine.   Only during the rainy season do these thousand year old seemingly lifeless trees, turn green, flower, and bear fruit.   The Boab Tree is often referred to as the Tree of Life!
Like the Boab Tree, every person on earth has unique identity, God given purpose in life, and a story to tell.  We are meant to flower and bear fruit!    We are meant to Love.
“If you’ve got no love in your heart, you’ve got nothing
no dreaming, no story, nothing”  - from movie 'Australia'
In the movie ‘Australia’ – pride, greed, and power came to the island and forever changed the face and identity of the people.  This new unwanted face was a misfit in society, no longer a part of the story.  While much of the nation turned a blind eye to the evil in their midst and remained silent, a few listened to their hearts, fought for truth, love, their identity, and the identity of their land.
Do you turn a blind eye?  Do you hear the cries for help and love?
 When we lose our identity we lose our story!   But there is hope.  You can find your identity if you listen to your heart and the voice of truth and love.  When you listen – you will find that you are loved!


What do you do to make a difference in the world?   In what ways do you make the world a better place?



  1. What character(s) would you consider an outcast (or misfit) in the movie Australia?  Explain why.
  2.  How would you describe the identity of Drover, Lady Sarah, Fletcher, or Nullah?  Choose one character to describe.
  3. Which identity are you the most like, and why?
  4. Which identity do you want to be more like?  What changes do you need to make to become more like that person?
  5. How did the above 4 characters make a difference in their world?
  6. List of all the ways you bring hope and encouragement to your families, friends, neighbors and land.